How to use the Tidepool Uploader

Whether it’s your first time or you just want a refresher, here is a quick walkthrough of the process to upload data via the Tidepool Uploader.

1. Launching the Uploader:

Open Google Chrome. 

Option 1: In the navigation bar, type "chrome://apps/" and hit enter. A page showing all of the installed Chrome Apps will load: 

Option 2: Click the three dots in the upper right of the Chrome window. 

Hover on "Bookmarks" to expand the menu and click "Show Bookmarks Bar". 

On the Bookmarks bar that appears, click to see the installed Chrome Apps. 

Open the Tidepool Uploader:

This will launch the Tidepool Uploader login window:

If you do not see the Tidepool Uploader installed, please see this article for directions on how to install it. 

Once you have logged in using your Tidepool account credentials, you will see the ability to select your time zone as well as the devices you would like to upload.

2. Uploading:

Select the time zone of the time on your devices. This is usually the same timezone you are in. If the time on your devices is wrong, update the time before you upload.

Select your devices. (Examples are shown below - your selections may differ.)

You will now upload each device individually. There may be slightly different instructions based on which device you’re uploading. (See below for links to directions)

After you have uploaded all of the devices you wish to upload, you can then click “Go to Tidepool” to view your data. If you go to an already open Tidepool on web page, you must click to refresh the data for it to load.

Please see the related articles below for links to specific articles for uploading various devices. 

Please reach out to if you have any questions or feedback on this article. 

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