Uploading your Dexcom G4 or G5 receiver

1. Connect your Dexcom Receiver via a Micro USB cable.

Wait for the Receiver to show that it is charging.

 ATTENTION:   Please download and install the general driver from Tidepool Drivers prior to attempting to upload your device. 

2. Select “Upload” in the Tidepool Uploader window.

The Uploader will begin to process your data and you will see a progress bar. It is common for the Uploader to progress to pause at various percentages throughout this process.

Once the upload finishes, you can upload any other devices you would like to upload. Or, you can click “Go to Blip” or return to an already open session of Blip to see your data. If you do not see your new data, please reload the webpage.


    • If your Dexcom fails to upload, please try the following:
      • If you are using a PC, please install Dexcom Studio in order to give your computer the necessary drivers to interact with your device: http://www.dexcom.com/dexcom-studio
      • Unplug the device from the Micro-USB cable and plug it back in, and click “Upload” again.
      • Switch the USB port that the Receiver is attached to on your computer
      • Try another Micro-USB cable. Some Micro-USB cables are designed to carry a signal for power only.
      • Check that your device is charging when plugged into  the cable - if it is not, then you may have a faulty cable or a faulty USB port on your device.
      • If you are on a Windows PC, please make sure you have installed the latest updates as this can keep the computer from correctly recognizing the device. 
    • If you uploaded your data, and see nothing in your Blip Account, please try the following:
      • Refresh your Blip Account
      • If you have only uploaded your Dexcom, please note that this will not show any data in the Weekly View or Trends View at this time. Please go to the Daily View to see your CGM data.
      • Please make sure that you are in the correct time-period. The Dexcom Receiver only holds up to ~30 days of data.

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