Troubleshooting: Uploading on Windows

1. General:

  • Update:
    • Please make sure that you have installed the latest updates for your computer. In some cases, not having the most recent updates can prevent the Tidepool Uploader from being able to connect with devices connected to your computer, such as the Dexcom, Abbott Precision Xtra, and others. Please refer to this page for information on how to check if your computer is up to date. Windows Support Page: Is my computer up to date?
  • Try another port: 
    • Occasionally, your device may have trouble communicating with the uploader due to a hiccup with the driver and the USB port. This can correct itself if you change the port that you are using to connect via USB to the device
  • Close other device software:
    • Sometimes the USB port can only communicate with one piece of software at a time. If you have other diabetes device data management software open, close it. Then try again.
  • Try another cable:
    • Some USB cables are designed to only carry power and lack the ability to carry data and to communicate with your devices. Damaged cables can also prevent a connection to the device. If you are having inexplicable issues connecting to your device, connecting via another cable may resolve the issue. 
  • Restart the Uploader:
    • If the Uploader has been open for an extended period, your token may have expired. Closing the Uploader fully, re-opening, and signing in again can fix this issue. 
  • Restart your computer:
    • Classic, no? Occasionally restarting your computer can allow drivers and other unmentionables to reset and allow your hardware to resume normal functioning. 

2. Device Specific:


Please ensure that you have installed a driver for Windows to be able to communicate with your Dexcom device. This is automatically installed if you have installed Dexcom Studio. If you prefer, we offer a general driver package that installs the Dexcom driver as well as drivers for the Abbott and OneTouch meters.  Tidepool Downloads

OneTouch: Please install our general driver from Tidepool Downloads.

Abbott: Please install our general driver from Tidepool Downloads.

Animas: Please be sure that the RF ports are aligned correctly, that the device is suspended with the Screen on for the duration of the upload. If you still have issues uploading, please look at the serial number on your cable and include it with an email to

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