Checking the Version of your Tidepool Driver

This article demonstrates how to check the version of the Tidepool USB Driver that you have installed on Windows or Mac. Please note, the images below do not reflect the most up-to-date version of the driver. The most recent version of the Mac and Windows drivers can be found at

1. Checking the installed Driver Version on Windows

Please note: The example images are provided from Windows 10, and the appearance of your menus will vary slightly depending upon which version of Windows you are using.

To check the installed driver version on Windows, you must first navigate to the Device Manager. 

You can navigate to the Device Manager via Start > Control Panel > Device Manager

On more recent versions of Windows, you can search for "Device Manager" to pull it up immediately. 

Once you have opened the Device Manager, click "View" in the menu bar and select "Show hidden devices"

Then, scroll down the list of items and expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" entry. 

You should see "Tidepool USB Driver (XXXXX chipset) (COMX)." Please note that XXXXX may appear as CDC ACM, FTDI, TI, or SL chipset. COM will also be followed by a number. Click on this entry to open the information for this driver, and then click on the "Driver" tab along the top to see the relevant driver information, including Driver Version. 

In this image, the Driver Version is

2. Checking the installed Driver Version on Mac

Checking the installed driver version on Mac requires that you run a command in a terminal window.

To open a Terminal window, you can search for Terminal via Spotlight (Command + Spacebar). 

After launching Terminal, you will see a window with black text on a white background. The lowest line of text should read as:

YourComputerName:~ Username$

To check the version of the Tidepool Driver that is installed, please copy and paste the following text into Terminal and press enter: 

pkgutil --pkg-info org.tidepool.pkg.TidepoolUSBDriver

This will return text similar to: 

package-id: org.tidepool.pkg.TidepoolUSBDriver
version: 1.1
volume: /
location: Library/Extensions
install-time: 1452889972

As you can see above, the version of the driver version installed is Version 1.1.

3. Comparing the installed version with the most recent version from Tidepool

Please visit to see the most recent versions of the TidepoolUSBdriver for your operating system.

To install, download the installation file and open it on your computer. The installer will then guide you through the remaining steps. 

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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