Getting Started welcomes you to Tidepool on the web and our suite of applications!

Tidepool can be used to upload, view, and share data from diabetes devices. We also offer Blip Notes applications on iOS and Android, and are hard at work improving our applications as well as creating new tools to help people with Type 1 Diabetes everywhere!

This checklist will tell you how to get started using Tidepool on the web and where to access more information about Tidepool on the web or the other applications. 

1. Download Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome

After downloading, please install Google Chrome. Google Chrome is currently the only browser that is compatible with Tidepool on the web and is necessary to use the Tidepool Uploader to upload data from your devices. 

2. Sign-up for Tidepool

Click here to sign-up for Tidepool

You will first fill out a survey so that we can invite you as soon as we support the devices that you would like to upload. 

After you receive your sign-up link, you can follow these directions to finish the registration process:

Completing your Tidepool Registration

Please make sure to setup data storage for your account if you wish to upload and view data. 

3. Install the Tidepool Uploader

In the same email in which you receive your sign-up link, you will receive a link to go to the Chrome App Store to install the Tidepool Uploader. You can see more directions on installing and upgrading the Tidepool Uploader here: 

How-To: Install or Upgrade the Tidepool Uploader

Here is a direct link to the Uploader install page, just in case: 

Tidepool Uploader in Chrome Store

4. Install the driver package for Mac or Windows

Navigate to  Tidepool Driver Downloads and install either the Mac or Windows driver package to install drivers for the medical devices that we support. 

5. Uploading and Viewing your data

Once you have:

  1. Completed Registration for Tidepool and verified your email.
  2. Setup data storage for your account during the registration process.
  3. Installed the Tidepool Uploader Chrome application. 
  4. Installed the Driver package for Mac or Windows.

You are ready to begin uploading your data! Please see the following links for more information: 

How to use the Tidepool Uploader

More specific guides for each device can be found here: 

Device Guides 

Articles relating to Blip Views and Sharing your data can be found here:

Tidepool Support Articles

6. Downloading Blip Notes for your mobile device

You can install Blip Notes on your mobile device in order to add contextual notes to your data while on the go. 

Blip Notes for iOS

Blip Notes for Android

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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