Dexcom Data to Blip via your iPhone

Blip can now collect your Dexcom data straight from your iPhone! To activate this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Get the latest Blip Notes app from the App Store (version 1.1 or higher)
  2. Connect your Dexcom App to Health. 
    1. For G5 users, in Settings, turn the connection to “Health” to On.
    2. For Share2 users, select "Account," then "Health," then "Enable."
  3. You will then see an Apple Health screen. Allow Dexcom to write Blood Glucose data.
  4. Open Blip Notes and log in with your Tidepool account.
  5. In Settings, turn on "Connect to Health. To get to Settings:
    1. Open Blip Notes.
    2. Click the "X" in the top left corner to close the note creation form. 
    3. Click the upside-down triangle in the top right corner to go to Settings
    4. Toggle "Connect to Health" on.

  6. You will then get an Apple Health screen. Toggle the switch on to allow Blip Notes to read data. Then, select “Allow.”
    Then, you can log in to Blip from your computer at and see your Dexcom data in Blip’s Daily View. Please note that Dexcom data from Health is delayed by 3 hours.

    Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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