Installing the Tidepool Driver Package

1. Downloading the Driver Package

Please visit the Tidepool Downloads page.

There, you will find the driver package for Mac or Windows. The necessary drivers do not exist for Chromebooks or Linux, so it is not possible to use the Tidepool Uploader with those operating systems at this time. 

If the file takes a while to download, please be patient. The last megabyte occasionally takes a disproportionately long time. 

2. Installing the driver package. 

Once the file is downloaded, you can open it on your system and you will be guided through the steps to install the driver. Please note that you may have to grant the installer permissions or allow the installer package to run. You should not need to alter the path or configure any part of the installation. On Windows, please make sure to accept all of the requests for permissions to ensure that the drivers install correctly. 

For example, on OSX: 

3. After the package is installed.

It is recommended that you let your computer restart before attempting to connect a driver-dependent device. However, it is not usually necessary. 

After you have finished installing the drivers, please go ahead and upload your devices! For a list of supported devices, please visit Tidepool Supported Devices.

If there is a device that you would like to use, but that we do not currently support, please email us at to let us know or to ask us any questions you may have. 

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