Uploading your Bayer Meter

1. Setup and Preparation.  

First and foremost, you must have the Tidepool Driver package installed in order to upload Bayer meters. You can download the driver installer packages from Tidepool Downloads

Bayer Contour meters connect either via a microUSB cable or via their built-in male USB connector.

Once the drivers are installed you can connect the devices to your computer.

2. Uploading

Please login to your account in the Tidepool Uploader. On the "Choose Devices" screen, select the appropriate Bayer Contour meter. 

Please note, the Bayer meters are all named very similarly, so it is good to double-check as to which model you have by looking on the label on the meter itself. 

After you have selected the appropriate model of Bayer meter, click "Done" to move to the upload screen. Then, if the device has been connected for a moment, you may click "Upload" to the right of the device's name. 

Please wait for the upload to finish, at which point you may disconnect the device and click "Done", or you may upload any other devices you wish to upload. 

Please let us know via  support@tidepool.org if you have any questions! 

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