Install or Update the Tidepool Uploader

If you're not sure what version you have click here for instructions on how to find which version is installed. If you are installing the Tidepool Uploader for the first time, please proceed directly to Step 2.

1. To upgrade remove your current Tidepool Uploader

Please open the Chrome App Launcher in your Windows Taskbar or Dock (Mac).  

Right-click (CMD+Click on Mac) on the icon for the “Tidepool Uploader”, and click 'Uninstall,' as shown below.

Confirm via the pop-up that you would like to proceed with removing the “Tidepool Uploader”. Wait for the launcher icon to disappear. 

2. Install the Latest Tidepool Uploader

Use Google Chrome to navigate to:  Chrome Store: Tidepool Uploader

Click 'Add to Chrome' in the upper right-hand corner.

This will install the latest version of the Uploader. To confirm check the version number in the bottom right corner.

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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