Uploading your Insulet Omnipod

1. Connect your Omnipod via a Mini USB cable.

Please note that it must be a Mini-B or Mini-AB cable.* Wait for the PDM to read “USB device ready” at the top of the screen before proceeding to Step 2. 

* Mini-A USB cables have white plastic in the end, and are not meant for peripheral devices, so they will not work with your PDM. Mini-B cables are far more common and one would have come with your device.

2. Select “Choose File” in the Tidepool Uploader to open a window to select your .ibf file.

A window will appear allowing you to select the .ibf file from the Omnipod. On a Mac, you will see the Omnipod as a drive called "NO NAME." 

On Windows, you will see the Omnipod as a "Removable Disk" drive. 

Select the .ibf file within the drive and then click “Open”.

3. Please select “Upload” in the Uploader.

A progress bar will appear. It is common for it to pause for periods at various percentages as the Uploader processes the data.

When it is finished uploading, you can upload your other devices or you can go to Tidepool on the web to view your data. Please note that you will need to refresh the Tidepool page to see the new data.


It is common for users to save their .ibf files in a folder just in case they would like to access them again later. You can drag the .ibf file directly off of the device onto your desktop or a folder of your choosing to save it. 

If you connect your PDM and do not hear a beep, nor does it read “USB Device Ready” on the screen - you may need to try a different USB cable. Many Mini USB cables are power only and do not have the circuitry for a data connection. If you have a cable that you know carries data, please try another USB port on your computer.

Please reach out to support@tidepool.org if you have any questions or feedback on this article. Please include the article title if you are submitting feedback to make it easier for us to identify what changes need to be made.

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