How to use Tidepool Uploader

Whether it’s your first time or you just want a refresher, here is a quick walkthrough of the process to upload data via the Tidepool Uploader.

You Will Need

  1. A Tidepool Account. If you don't have one, you can create your free Tidepool account by visiting
  2. The latest version of the Tidepool Uploader installed on your computer. If you've already installed the Tidepool Uploader, it will check for updates every time it is opened. See this guide on installing the Tidepool Uploader for more information.
  3. Your Diabetes Devices. That's where the data is, after all.
  4. Device-specific cables to connect your devices to your computer. Some of these cables are common, others are rather unique. Use our device guides at the bottom of this page to see what cables you will need to upload your data.

1. Launch the Tidepool Uploader.

Log in to your account.

2. Confirm your diabetes devices are selected. 

You can change your devices by selecting "Choose Devices" from the menu under your name. 

3. Confirm the Tidepool Uploader is set to the right time zone.

This helps us keep your data in sync.

4. Connect the diabetes device you wish to upload to your computer.

Different devices require different cables to connect to your computer. Review our guides for each device you use to make sure you can properly upload your diabetes data.

5. Click "Upload" to upload your data. 

Leaving the Uploader selected on your computer (in front of other windows) will allow it to execute the upload more quickly. 

6. You're Done!

After the upload is complete, you can upload another device (See step 4) or click "See data" to view your uploaded data.

Please see the related articles below for links to specific articles for uploading various devices. 

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