Printing in Tidepool

How to Print

You will find the Print option to the upper-right in the navigation bar when you are in the Basics, Daily, or Device Settings views. 

This will generate a PDF in a new tab. You can then save the PDF to your computer, or you can print the report. 

The print view currently only offers one option which includes: Basics, 6 days of the Daily view, Weekly (30 days of blood glucose data) and Device Settings.

You can view samples of these printouts in this folder.

If you have feedback on this report, please let us know!

What about other print options?

We're working on 'em! We are working on making it so that our other views are printable, and then, prioritization allowing, we hope to move toward making custom reports with manipulable date ranges. If you have feedback about your ideal type of report, feel free to shoot a note to with details.