Uploading your Abbott Precision Xtra Meter

This article assumes you have:

  1. A Tidepool Account - if you do not have a Tidepool account, you can create one for free at https://tidepool.org/signup
  2. Installed the latest version of the Tidepool Uploader - if you have not installed the Tidepool Uploader, you can download the latest version at https://tidepool.org/uploader
  3. A Windows PC - the Precision Xtra can only be uploaded via a Windows PC at this time.
  4. A special cable, specific to the Precision Xtra - while this cable can be difficult to acquire, and we do not have a vendor we recommend, if you wish to look for it you can find it on supplier sites such as: http://diabetic-supplies-online.com/precision-data-cable-with-strip-port-p-109.html

The cable you see at the above link is an example of the type of cable necessary to interface with this glucose meter.

Uploading Your Precision Xtra:

Connect your Precision Xtra via the special USB cable and wait for the glucose meter to show “]--PC”.

Select “Upload” in the Tidepool Uploader window.

The Uploader will begin to process your data and you will see a progress bar. It is common for the Uploader to progress to pause at various percentages throughout this process.

Once the upload finishes, you can upload any other devices you would like to upload. Or, you can click “See data” or return to an already open session of Tidepool to see your data. If you do not see your new data, please reload the webpage.


If your Precision Xtra fails to upload, please try the following:

  • Please remember, the Precision Xtra only uploads on Windows currently.
  • Unplug the device from the special USB cable and plug it back in, and click “Upload” again.
  • If you see "Error: Device not recognized / Unable to read device" pop up on your screen
    • Switching the USB Port should resolve this error.
    • The first time a device is plugged into a USB port, Windows will take anywhere from seconds to a couple of minutes to install a driver on that port. Switching to a USB port where the driver has already been installed means it will work immediately. 
  • Please make sure you have installed the latest Windows updates as this can keep the computer from correctly recognizing the device. 

Please reach out to support@tidepool.org if you have any questions or feedback on this article. Please include the article title if you are submitting feedback to make it easier for us to identify what changes need to be made.