Receiving an invite to Tidepool from your clinician

This article assumes:

  • Your clinician has a Tidepool account and has added your email address to a personal account they have created for you.
  • You have Google Chrome installed on your computer.

You should have received an email that looks like this.

Click "Claim your account"

You'll then be prompted to enter your birthday and create a password.


And agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Once complete, you've officially claimed your Tidepool account.

This means you can now:

Upload your data to your account from home using Tidepool Uploader. This walkthrough details the steps to installing Tidepool Uploader. When you're ready to upload your device data, please review the walkthroughs for supported devices here.
Connect your Dexcom Clarity account to your Tidepool account, allowing Tidepool to import Dexcom G6 and G5 data. This is important if you are using one of Dexcom's touchscreen receivers. Please follow this walkthrough to connect your Dexcom account to Tidepool.
View your data from home any time you want. Please review these walkthroughs for explanations of each of the data views within Tidepool Web.

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