Share your Data

This guide is intended to show you how to share your data with others through the Tidepool interface. Others can be granted the ability to view your Tidepool on the web views and you can choose whether or not they also have the ability to upload your devices via the Uploader. Please remember, it is your data, so you control who can view and who can upload to your account.

Some examples use-cases include:

  • Allow your physician or physicians office to view and upload. 
  • Allow both parents to view and upload to a child's account.
  • Allow friends to view so you can share your experiences. 

1. Sharing your data (Inviting another user):

First, please log in to your Tidepool Account in Google Chrome at .

At the top of the Tidepool app, you will see your Account Name with several options below it. One of the options is “Share”. Please click this option.

The next page you will see will show everyone that you have granted access to view your data.

If you have not yet invited anyone, this screen should only show the empty person icon and “Invite new member.”

If you click “Invite new member” you will be asked to enter an email to invite to see your data.

You also have the option to decide whether or not this invited user can upload data to your account as well. You could, for example, invite your physician’s office so that when you go into the office, you can upload to make sure that you have the most recent data.

Once you click “Invite” an email will be sent to the addressee inviting them to create a Tidepool account or, if they already have an account affiliated with that email, it will invite them to accept your invitation to view your data. It will read, “Waiting for confirmation” until it has been accepted.

2. Accepting invitations:

Once the recipient of your invite logs into their account, they will see this banner. If they do not have an account already, they will be able to create an account by accepting your invitation:

After they click “Join the team!” they will see the account name on their menu and can click to view your data.

3. Removing Careteam members:

You can remove anyone you have invited to see your data by clicking "Remove" on the bottom of share page and then clicking the red X to the right of their email. You can also turn off their ability to upload by unticking the box below their email.

Please reach out to if you have any questions or feedback on this article.

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