Viewing Your Data - Device Settings

1. Accessing the Device Settings page

When you first load your Tidepool account, on the upper right, you will see a link for "Device Settings." Please click this link to navigate to the Device Settings view. 

2. Understanding the Device Settings page

The Device Settings page shows information from your current Insulin Pump settings. This information is updated every time you upload the device, so please note that it only shows your current device settings. 


  • Basal Rates
    • In this section, you will see the various Basal profiles configured on your device. They will have the same name as they have on your device as some devices are able to name the profiles, and some are not. Each profile will contain information about the scheduled duration for each rate of insulin delivery and the total amount of insulin delivered for a 24-hour period. 
  • Bolus Calculator (The titles of the sections will be different depending on which device you are using.)
    • Insulin to Carb Ratio (IC)
      • This section shows the various scheduled Insulin to Carb ratios throughout the day. If there is only one value, then this ratio is applied for the entire day. 
    • Correction factor (ISF, Correction)
      • This section shows the sensitivity for corrective boluses and how that factor changes throughout the day. 
    • Target BG
      • This section shows the BG target settings over the course of a day. 

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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