After You Get Your Tidepool Account

Congratulations! Now that you have a Tidepool account, complete the steps below. 

1. Get the Tidepool Uploader

Go to to download the latest version of the Tidepool Uploader for your Mac or Windows computer.

2. Install Tidepool Mobile or Blip Notes on your phone

Our companion app for iOS, Tidepool Mobile allows you to upload your Dexcom G5 data directly to Tidepool from your phone, view your uploaded data, and make notes and comments about your data. Learn more at

Download Tidepool Mobile.

Our companion app for Android, Blip Notes allows you to make notes and comments about your data that you can later review on Tidepool on the Web. Learn more at

Download Blip Notes.

You'll use the same login you created in Tidepool to log into the Tidepool Uploader and Tidepool Mobile or Blip Notes. Don't forget, all Tidepool software is free!

Don't have a Tidepool account?

You can create one for free by visiting or following these instructions.

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