Installing and using Tidepool Mobile (Blip Notes) on Android

1. Installing Tidepool Mobile (Blip Notes) from the Play Store

The Blip Notes application can be found in the Google Play Store either by searching for "Blip Notes" or by following this direct link: 

Tidepool Mobile ( Blip Notes) on the Android Play Store

Verify the app is distributed by "Tidepool Project" to ensure that you are installing the correct application. 

After clicking "Install," you must approve the requested permissions.

After Blip Notes finishes installing, you can click to open the application.

2. Using Tidepool Mobile (Blip Notes)

Adding a new note.

To log into Tidepool (Blip Notes), enter your credentials for your Tidepool account. 

If you would like, you can click the checkbox for "Remember Me." This feature makes it so that Blip Notes will leave your account logged in for a longer period of time. 

Upon logging in, you will immediately be taken to the screen to add a new note.

  • In the top bar of the application, you will see the name of the account to which you are posting a note. A downward carat to the right allows you to open a dropdown to choose from the accounts that you have permissions to post to. On the right of this carat is a checkmark that functions as a "Submit" button for the note. 
  • Immediately below the top bar, you will see the time and date for the note. This defaults to the current time and date though you can click on the far right to edit the time and date so as to make the note for a different time. 
  • The next row down are hashtags that you can apply to your note. There are several that exist by default including; #exercise, #meal, #sitechange, #juicebox, #devicesetting, and #sensorchange. If you wish to create a new hashtag, you can do so in the note by typing the pound sign (#) and then the text. The more you use the hashtag, the more it will move toward the top of the list of hashtags. 

The home screen - Note Review, Note Editing, New Note, Logout

  • After you have added your note or exited the new note view via the back button, you will see the home screen for Blip Notes. The top bar will read "All Notes" and you can see all of the notes from any account for which you have viewing permissions.
  • Each note will have a link on the right-hand side to edit the note. If you click this option you will be able to edit the note text, hashtags, time, date, or delete the note. 
  •  You can click on the down-carat in the upper right-hand corner to view a drop-down menu of the different accounts that you have access to. If you select one, then you will only see notes for that particular account. You will also see the option to Logout of Blip Notes and the version number of the application. 

  • In the lower right-hand corner, you will see a plus button which allows you to initiate the creation of a new note. 

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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