Getting Started With Tidepool

Tidepool can be used to upload, view, and share data from diabetes devices. We also offer our companion applications, Tidepool Mobile on iOS and Android. We are hard at work improving our applications, improving device compatibility, and creating new tools to help people with diabetes!

This checklist will help you get started using Tidepool.


Download and Install Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is currently the only browser that is compatible with Tidepool on the web to view your diabetes data.


Create your free Tidepool account at

Tidepool is free for people with diabetes and clinicians. All it takes is a few clicks and an email address to verify who you are.

Please make sure to setup data storage for your account if you wish to upload and view your data.


Install Tidepool Uploader on your Mac or Windows PC.

After you've created your account, you'll need to download and install Tidepool Uploader on your computer to upload your data to Tidepool. You can find detailed instructions in this walkthrough or go directly to to download the latest version of Tidepool Uploader.


Use Tidepool Uploader to upload your diabetes device data.

This walkthrough explains how to use Tidepool Uploader.

If you need specific instructions for your insulin pump, CGM, or blood glucose meter, you can find upload instructions in this group of device guides.


Use Tidepool Web to view your diabetes device data at

Guides and walkthroughs relating to data visualization in Tidepool Web as well as how to share your data can be found in this section of our Support documentation.


Download Tidepool Mobile for your mobile device.

Tidepool Mobile is a companion app to Tidepool that lets you add notes about meals, exercise or anything else. See your CGM, pump, and BG meter data alongside your notes. Track your favorite meals and your regular exercise, and learn from what happens.

With Tidepool Mobile for iOS, you can connect to Apple Health for continuous, automatic Dexcom uploading. This walkthrough details the steps you need to follow to configure Dexcom Mobile, Apple Health, and Tidepool Mobile properly.

Additional guides and walkthroughs for Tidepool Mobile can be found here.

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