Troubleshooting CareLink uploads on Safari 10


We will be ending support for Tidepool Uploader 1.x (the Chrome App version) and later this year. Additionally, Medtronic recently disabled the ability for CareLink users to export their data. As a result, we have removed our CareLink integration. 

Medtronic 523, 554, 530G, 723, and 754 insulin pumps can be uploaded directly to Tidepool using a Contour Next Link Meter.

This article details uploading Medtronic 523, 554, 530G, 723, and 754 insulin pump data directly to Tidepool.

This article will show you how to fix Java settings for Safari 10

[El Capitan (OSX 10.11) and MacOS Sierra (10.12)]

For the complete directions on Java circumvention, please see: 

Troubleshooting CareLink upload issues on Mac

Browsers & OS Required:

CareLink's website indicates that the following are necessary in order to upload: 

However, this guide will show you how to upload even if you are on a newer OS or browser.

2. How to upload to CareLink with Safari 10

1. Changing the browser version reported to CareLink

Change the reported browser version if you are using a newer version of OSX or Safari than what CareLink requires.

In Safari, navigate to the User Agent menu: Develop -> User Agent.

If you do not see 'Develop' in the top bar, you must enable it. Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced  and check "Show Develop menu in menu bar"

Then, change your user agent: 

Select the "Firefox -- Windows" option or Internet Explorer 11. 

Go to Log in. Click "Upload my device". You'll see this. Don't click yet!

Proceed to step 2: 

2. Fixing Java Security issues 

This is what you will do if you are receiving warnings about Java, but you are on a supported version of Safari. 

If you do not have Java installed, you can install it from: 

In Safari, navigate to the Internet Plug-in Settings: Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Internet Plug-in Settings...

Select Java, then choose "On" for 

Hold the Alt key and press the selector. Deselect Run In Safe Mode.

Please Note: We want to deselect "Run in Safe Mode." If you have deselected it, the check mark will no longer appear next to it. 

After you deselect "Run in Safe Mode,"  a warning message will appear: 

Click "Trust."

Click done, then close preferences.
Hit Reload to reload the page.

Now click "Click to use Java." You may see another warning pop-up - be sure to click Trust or Accept. 

You may now attempt to upload. If it fails, please proceed to step 3. 

3. Fixing Java Plug-in Warnings

If Step 2 did not fix the Java warnings, then please proceed to this step.

Choose Java from within System Preferences. You can open System Preferences using Spotlight (Command + Spacebar and then type "System Preferences"):

When the Java Control Panel opens, select the "Security" tab. Then, select "Edit Site List."


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