Uploading your Ascensia (Bayer) Meter

This article assumes you have:

  1. A Tidepool Account - if you do not have a Tidepool account, you can create one for free at https://tidepool.org/signup.
  2. Installed the latest version of the Tidepool Uploader - if you have not installed the Tidepool Uploader, you can download the latest version at https://tidepool.org/uploader.
  3. A Compatible Ascensia (Bayer) Contour Meter - Tidepool currently supports Contour Next, Contour Next One, Contour Next USB, Contour USB, and Contour Next Link meters.
  4. If necessary, a micro USB cable - this is required for Contour Next and Contour Next One meters.
Connect your device to your computer. If you are using a Contour Next or Contour Next One meter you will need a Micro USB cable to connect the meter to your computer. If you have a Contour USB, Contour Next USB, or a Contour Next Link, those meters have a built in USB connection, which means you can connect them directly to your computer's USB ports.
Launch Tidepool Uploader and log in to your account.

Confirm "Ascencia (Bayer) Contour Next" is one of your Devices. You can change your devices by selecting "Choose Devices" from the menu under your name.

Please note, you will select "Ascencia (Bayer) Contour Next" for all Contour Next meters.

Confirm the Tidepool Uploader is set to the right time zone.

Click "Upload" to upload your data. Leaving the Uploader selected on your computer (in front of other windows) will allow it to execute the upload more quickly.

After the upload is complete, you can upload another device or click "See data" to view your uploaded data.

Please reach out to support@tidepool.org if you have any questions or feedback on this article. Please include the article title if you are submitting feedback to make it easier for us to identify what changes need to be made.

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