Viewing Your Data - Set custom blood glucose targets

1. Log in to Tidepool

Log in on The first view that will load is the Basics view. Click on the account name at the top middle of the page to navigate to your profile settings:

2. Adjust the upper and lower bounds of your target range

You can use the arrows in the boxes to adjust the upper and lower bounds of your target range. Please note, you cannot set the minimum equal to, or higher than, the maximum and vice versa. The lowest your target range can be is 60 mg/dL and the highest is 250 mg/dL. The default values are 70 mg/dL - 180 mg/dL. You can return to the default at any time by clicking "Reset to default" on the right. 

The image provided is just a sample of how the range will appear - it is not your actual data. 


Only the account owner can update the user's target range. If you are a care team member and would like to suggest an update to the target range, please contact the account owner directly.

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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