View data from CareLink and Medtronic Direct Simultaneously


We will be ending support for Tidepool Uploader 1.x (the Chrome App version) and CareLink integration later this year. Medtronic 523, 530G, and 723 insulin pumps can now be uploaded directly to Tidepool using a Bayer Contour Next Link Meter.
Please go to to download the latest version of the Tidepool Uploader.

This article details uploading Medtronic 523, 530G, 723 insulin pump data directly to Tidepool.

When a Tidepool user account contains data both from a CareLink import and a Medtronic direct upload, Tidepool will only show data from the Medtronic direct upload(s) to avoid overlapping data that may be included in both. 

If you wish to see data uploaded to Tidepool from Carelink in addition to data uploaded directly from a Medtronic device using the Tidepool Uploader, you will need to log in to Tidepool, then modify the URL. Here are step by step instructions: 

1. Log in to Tidepool with "Remember Me" checked. 

Check the box to "Remember Me" to ensure that Tidepool you remain logged in when you refresh the page in a later step. 

2. When viewing your data, enable CareLink data to be displayed by adding ?carelink=true to the end of the URL

Start out on any data review page in Tidepool - such as the Basics view (shown below).

Your URL will appear as something like:
This will show you only data uploaded directly from a Medtronic pump to Tidepool: 

Add "?carelink=true", as shown below:
After this change is made, hit enter to refresh the page and display the CareLink data in addition to Medtronic direct upload data. You can now navigate to any of the other pages and the CareLink data will remain for this session.  Please note, there may be areas of overlapping or duplicate data from CareLink and Medtronic Direct. Do not rely on aggregate statistics when showing both data sets simultaneously.
Notice in the screenshot above that all of the data points have been duplicated. 
If you log out and then log back in, you will have to update the URL again to view CareLink data. Please note that this means you must use "Remember Me" to login each time and that you should forcibly log out of Tidepool on any shared or public computers when you are done. 

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