Viewing Your Data - Basics

The Basics View is designed to provide a summary of all your diabetes interactions over the past three weeks. Pretty much everything on the Basics page can be clicked on. Section headers filter your data based on different options, and you can click on each of the days to go to the  Daily View and see all of your diabetes data in that moment.

Summary Widgets

Summary widgets along the left side of the page show blood glucose distribution based on CGM or blood glucose meter data (this can be toggled), average daily carbs, basal/bolus ratio, and average total daily dose of insulin based on your body weight (you can edit that).

Blood Glucose Readings

The “BG readings” section can be filtered for CGM calibrations, readings from your meter, manual entries into your bolus calculator, and more.


The “Bolus” section summarizes all of the boluses you’ve made from your insulin pump. You can filter by boluses calculated by your insulin pump, corrections for highs, overrides when you request more insulin than your pump suggests, and more.


The “Basals” section indicates all of the times you’ve directly interacted with your basal rate. You’ll see every temporary basal rate, including your suspended basals, represented by a dot.

Infusion Site Change

Finally, you can see a visualization of how often you’re changing your insulin pump site in the “Infusion Site Changes” section.  Read this guide to get additional details about the Infusion site changes section.
Data from Medtronic 670G insulin pumps is a little different in the Basics View.  This page details those differences.

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