Supported Devices + Requesting a Device

1. Supported Devices

Please see this current list of supported devices. We are working to add new devices all of the time, so please let us know if you use a particular device that we do not support yet!

2. How to Request a Device

The best way to let us know what device(s) you would like to see in Tidepool is to write us an email to

Please list each specific device including the model name in the email. Listing all of the devices in a single email is helpful for us as well. 

We prioritize new devices to add partially off of the number of requests, so please do let us know which devices you need!

 If you have an issue to discuss or another message you'd like to convey to us, that is not device request related, please send it to

Please let us know via if you have any questions! 

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