Viewing your data in Tidepool Mobile

This article assumes you have:

  1. A Tidepool Account - if you do not have a Tidepool account, you can create one for free at
  2. Installed Tidepool Mobile on a compatible iOS or Android device.    
    1. You can download Tidepool Mobile from the App Store.
    2. You get Tidepool Mobile for Android on Google Play.

Initially, your Mobile app will not display data and have a white data screen. Mobile app data viewing is associated with notes. By adding a note, you can view data up to 7 hours before and after a note that has been made in Tidepool.

Open Tidepool Mobile to view your recent notes.

Tap a note to reveal relevant diabetes device data before and after your note.

You can scroll to the left and right to see additional CGM, meter, and insulin data. Remember, you can view data up to 7 hours before and after the timestamp of your note.
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